Message from Chairman


Among all the devices that have been invented in the past, camera has always been one of the most interesting ones. Photography talks about place and time, it speaks about truth. It frames the various incidents that take place around the world all the time.

Photography acts as vivid evidence to events as well as conveys emotions to its spectators. The need of photography in the various aspects of life has lead to the birth of photography as sa business concept. Photography is used in offices, law enforcement purposes, documentations, news media, memories, entertainment, etc. It has attached itself with life so closely that it’s impossible to imagine life without it. Photography has created employment opportunities for thousands of people in Bangladesh and has met the need of individuals, and society as a whole.

From a very young age I felt attracted to this occupation. After finishing my B.A. degree from Dhaka College in 1977, my father wanted me to pursue ‘Law’. However, my desire to aspire as a photographer took me elsewhere. For about a year I traveled around the country, taking pictures of nature mostly. Around the mid of 1978, I got accepted in a photographic institute situated in Hamburg, Germany. Even though my father did not agree to this at first, he later gave in to my stubbornness and arranged for my departure. Finally, however, I could not finish my course due to certain obligations. But photography had been blended into my blood . So I traveled Europe, with a camera in my hand. After working there for a few years I came back to Bangladesh in 1985 and set up ‘VIP Photo Studio’, a 316 square feet shop in Gulshan-2. I began to work day and night to provide customers with good quality service and take this business to a completely new level. Gradually, I created a goodwill amongst my customers, Foreigh embassies began to recommend my studio. In 1992, the American Embassy enlisted VIP Studio as one of their official photo studios. In 1994, I increased my studio size and added a color lab to transforrm it to a complete photo complex. In 2001, the ‘VIP Studio & Lab’ shifted to its present address. With three studio rooms, latestdigital printing machine and computers for photo editing. VIP Studio & Lab started business on alarge scale. My hard working and loyal employees have been working by my side for a long period of time. Altogether VIP Studio & Lab is now an exclusive photo complex. Any photographic work that can be done in Bangladesh, VIP Studio & Lab can provide it with best possible quality. Over the years, we have successfully achieved this belief in our respected customers.

This 14th April 2019, VIP Studio & Lab completed its 34 years anniversary. All the well-wishers and respected customers who made this long journey possible, I thank you with all my heart. Withyour continuing support, I would like to spend the rest of my life providing you with the best photographic services in Dhaka, In sha Allah.


A. Wahid Sarker
VIP Studio & Lab